We need your support in planning the Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics Conference. You can help by volunteering!

What is the difference between a Conference Volunteer and a Workshop Presenter?

A Conference Volunteer may help with registration, being a hall monitor, being a workshop assistant, facilities, the career fair, or anything that is needed.

A Workshop Presenter will run a workshop, briefly discuss background information (e.g. your education, how you got into your profession, what you do on the job, etc.) and provide a hands-on experience or activity related to your job or profession.

Please let us know where you would like to help and provide the information requested. If you have any questions, email us at tveyh@llnl.gov.



Inspiring girls to recognize their potential and pursue opportunities in science and mathematics
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A look at our past Conference photos where girls can gain solid practical experience with science as a process that is fun and compelling.

Registration is Closed

Registration Is Full

Thank you for your interest in Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons. Registration is currently full.

Your daughter is welcome to come as a walk-in on Saturday morning, in which case she can check in at the registration desk, attend the opening session and return to the registration desk at 9:20 a.m. to select the schedule of a girl who does not show. She will need a check or cash for the $20 registration fee.

You can locate other Expanding Your Horizons conferences in the area at http://www.expandingyourhorizons.org/find-a-conference.htmlPlease come back to Tri-Valley EYH next year and register early.

Adult program registration is required for parents who want attend the adult program. The registration fee is $20 for the adult program. Parents with a daughter registered for the conference can email tveyh@llnl.gov to register for the adult workshop.

If you are looking for other events like EYH, please check out other STEM opportunities in the Bay Area.