Students will receive their workshop schedule when they pick up their packet on Saturday, February 13, 2021.  Workshops are assigned considering the preference indicated during registration and workshop size limitations. We cannot guarantee the same workshops as her friends or sister.

The EYH conference is designed to expand your daughter's horizons and for her to learn new things! Please have her keep an open mind and try something new. Workshop limits are set so that each girl gets personal attention and hands-on experience. We try to give each student at least one of their top five preferences.

Typical workshops offered for the Tri-Valley EYH Conference are:

Bristle Bots

Build a tiny robot out of a motor and a toothbrush head. You will build the robot, then race the robot against each other!

Emotional Intelligence

The Other Kind of Smart: Explore your own EFMA [Emotions, Feelings, Moods, Attitudes]. Learn to manage and control your EFMA so that you can positively influence the EFMA of others.


Description Pending

Fun With Science

Experience an exciting fast paced collection of experiments demonstrated with hands-on volunteers. You will enjoy exploring light, states of matter, air pressure, electricity, chemistry and more.

Help Solve a Cyber Crime

A serious crime was committed at a high school involving computers. Your assistance is needed to investigate the crime and to see if you can figure out who committed the crime. See if you can solve this actual crime.

Ice cream, chemicals, and wells oh my!

Come and learn how we impact the water stored underground while eating ice cream! You will learn about groundwater, contamination, and how water wells work while making make an edible aquifer.

Light Refraction and NIF Tour

Description Pending

Mock Negotiations

How to ask for what you want and actually get it! Learn about basic negotiation skills and how to apply to real life situations. During the workshop you will learn tips on how to achieve a win/win agreement.

Predict the Physical World

Try an interactive physics game that lets you control the outcomes of your activities. Experience what environmental variables may affect your predictions.

Reverse Your Tastebuds

How can we taste so many different things? How does our tongue work to allow us to taste sweet, salty, and sour foods? Why can’t every food taste sweet like sugar? Well, maybe they all can! With this miraculous natural fruit, it will turn your taste buds upside down. Discover the science behind taste and the biochemical signaling events that make it all possible.

What Color is your Personality?

Learn about your personality including your strengths and areas of development. See how people of all DISC styles (Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, and Cautious) are similar and different.

Expedition CO2

Join Quest Science Center scientists to learn about the atmospheric science of greenhouse gases and how they affect climate change. In groups, you will set up experiments using a specially designed CO2 sensor to compare quantities of CO2 in your breath with those of a mouse, look at yeast producing CO2 from different fruits, measure a real time photosynthesis reaction and more.

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Registration is Closed

Thank you for your interest in Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons. Registration is currently closed. Please join us for the next conference in February 2022. Registration will open in late January 2022.

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