Students will receive their workshop schedule at conference check-in.  Workshops are assigned considering the preference indicated during registration and workshop size limitations.  We cannot guarantee the same workshops, but we can attempt to coordinate your daughter's schedule for the day so that she has the same lunch and special activity session as her friends or sister.

The EYH conference is designed so as to expand your daughter's horizons and for her to learn new things! Please have her keep an open mind and try something new. Workshops will be assigned according to the payment time stamp, so register early and preferably online. Workshop limits are set so that each girl gets personal attention and hands-on experience. We try to give each student at least one of their top five preferences.

Typical workshops offered for the Tri-Valley EYH Conference are:

Amazing Every-Day Chemistry

We are surrounded by chemistry every moment of the day. We will discuss some of the amazing chemistry associated with common household stuff using interactive demonstrations and experiments. You will then explore the chemistry behind disposable diapers and use your science and math skills to compete in a “Diaper War” experiment to determine, based on experimental results, how much water a disposable diaper can hold and the effectiveness of the polysno vs cotton. Are you up to the challenge?

DIY Projector

You will build your own shoe box projector that can be used with cell phones/ipods. You will learn about various types of Engineers that are involved in product development, products currently in development that involves a camera and the basic theory of optics, focal length etc.

Engineering Bridges with Pasta

Have you ever thought about becoming an architect or a structural engineer? Come and enjoy a workshop where we will be building bridges using one of the most common ingredients in our diet: pasta! You will work with a variety of pasta shapes, glue and basic tools to develop and test a small scale bridge while learning about basic principles of structural engineering, architecture and design.

Engineering Consumer Products

Have you ever wondered how products like Ranch dressing or Tilex are made?  Come join us to learn the skills of Product, Process, and Packaging engineers at Clorox!  Students will make their own Ranch dressings and understand the steps including flavoring, mixing, and packaging!

Experiments in Space – where no one can hear you scream

See ice, water & steam at one time. Coat a penny with gold. Figure out what happens to water, light, and sound when there is no air. Watch a marshmallow Peep blow up. These hands on experiments promise noise and fun.

Fun With Science

Experience an exciting fast paced collection of experiments demonstrated by hands-on volunteers. You will enjoy exploring light, states of matter, air pressure, electricity, chemistry & more - all

A Fusion of Science & Art – Cardboard Automaton

Join the fun in making your very own cardboard automata using shoe boxes and common household items such as straws and skewers! This workshop is a fun, environmentally-friendly way to explore simple machine elements such as cams, levers, and linkages while creating a mechanical structure. Discover the exciting aspects of science, as well as use yourimagination and creativity. All in all, it is a unique fusion of creative energy and science, engineering, and technology principles.

Inside Computer Technology

Have you ever wondered what is inside a computer and how it works? At this hands-on workshop you will take apart a computer, learn what each critical component does, put the computer back together again, and see if the computer will restart.  You will also use the command line interface to issue commands to complete some tasks.

Look Out! We're Surrounded by LEGO™ Robotics

Join us in discovering the many robots that we use every day, and some we do not! Build, program, and run a real LEGO™ robot. Cheer your team's robot on in a demonstration!

Mock Negotiations

How to ask for what you want and actually get it!  Learn about basic negotiation skills and how to apply to real life situations.  During the workshop you will learn tips on how to achieve a win/win agreement.

Orchestrating Music with Code

Make music with your computer! Learn basic programming concepts while creating your own music.

Reverse Your Tastebuds

How can we taste so many different things? How does our tongue work to allow us to taste sweet, salty, and sour foods? Why can’t every food taste sweet like sugar? Well, maybe they all can! With this miraculous natural fruit, it will turn your taste buds upside down. Discover the science behind taste and the biochemical signaling events that make it all possible.

Soft Circuits: Electronic Bling is the Thing!

Soft circuits, also known as electronic textiles (e-textiles), are electrical circuits created using flexible conductive materials (such as conductive threads and fabrics) in conjunction with electronics components (such as LEDs, batteries, switches, and sensors). You will learn the basics of sewable circuits and apply that knowledge to a craft project: a tiny stuffed monster with light-up eyes!  Knowing how to sew is helpful, but not required. 

A Warming Planet

Climate change is a very hot topic right now. In this workshop you'll build your very own terrarium to understand the greenhouse effect and the water cycle. Then we'll make clouds in a bottle and experiment with an infrared radiation camera to understand the roles of clouds and radiation on climate change. Finally we'll play games to explore the effects of people on climate change.

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