Other EYH Conferences

Can't make it to our conference? Don't worry! There are other EYH conferences happening around the Bay Area.

Other conferences in the vicinity
See the full list of national EYH conferences here.

EYH Berkeley March 17, 2018
Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill Fall 2018
Sacramento State October 8, 2016
Skyline College March 17, 2018
St. Mary's Moraga March 17, 2018
Stanford January 28, 2017
Stockton UOP Fall 2018



More STEM opportunities around the SF bay area for ages K-12 can be found at these sites

*****Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons provides the information below as possible sources of information and is not a sponsor of any of the organizations. Please let us know if you find any content to be inappropriate or obsolete. Thank you.*****

Education Programs Sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Career Girls
Children's Innovation Center
Design Squad Nation
Engineering-Go For It
Girls Go CyberStart
Play Book for Teens
Black Girls Code (San Francisco)
San Francisco STEM resources
 The Connectory (searchable by zip code, date, topic, type and keyword)
 Young Women in Bio


For girls interested in computer applications, these local groups are available:

Online learning resource:


STEM Resources for Parents

For information about student costs, loans and potential earning power based on schools. College Scorecard

For a information on careers, salary data and projected job demand growth see CityTownInfo.

Information on a limited set of Engineering or Science careers can also be downloaded Employment Categories Info Sheet.

A free student guide of on-line STEM learning opportunities and economic outlook for women and minorities, including scholarships dedicated to women.

The Online Learning Guidebook: http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/online-schools-guidebook/. This guidebook includes a detailed breakdown of online learning methods and technologies, as well as information on how to identify quality online schools or programs.

Association of Sciene Technology Centers is an organization of science centers and museums dedicated to furthering public engagement with science among diverse audiences. ASTC is a global organization providing collective voice, professional support, and programming opportunities for science centers, museums, and related institutions, whose innovative approaches to science learning inspire people of all ages about the wonders and meaning of science in their lives.



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If you are looking for similar events or resources, please check out other STEM opportunities in the Bay Area.